We already know alot of the facts & they are not pretty. When we throw plastic away, it never ever goes away, every plastic EVER made still exists today in some shape or form.

Plastic kills over 100,000 marine mammals & 1 million seabirds every year, it poisons our food chain & is massively harmful to us humans too. By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish; and the reality is, if we consume fish we are consuming plastic too.

Plastic is a human design failure; but the good news is, together we have the chance to fix it.


buying disposable plastic
Reduce the production of virgin plastic at at the source
Refuse single-use plastic
Reuse plastic bottles, coffee cups & containers
Replace plastic in our daily lives with planet friendly alternatives
Retrieve, pick it up, clean it up
Recycle, upcycle
Re-design; support organisations working to find alternatives to plastic

Actions we can all take today that will already make a difference tomorrow:

– refuse plastic straws
– refuse plastic bags & excess packaging
– Use our own re-usable drinking bottles & food containers
– Use our own re-usable coffee mugs & juice cartons – because those paper looking coffee cup bad boys are coated in plastic too!

At INSANE IN THE RAIN we make all our jackets from recycled plastic & avoid using additional or newly-sourced plastic in any of our industrial procedures, such as production, manufacturing, shipping or distribution chains. When you purchase one of our happy jackets you help reduce the unnecessary production of virgin plastic rain jacket fabric and simultaneously, upcycle from 17 to 23 plastic bottles that would otherwise roam our oceans. Also, your INSANE print helps by spreading awareness and getting the message out in the world to refuse single-use plastic.

At INSANE IN THE RAIN, we believe that we create our own reality & that together, we can make our reality a plastic free planet.

Imagination, kindness & awareness. Treat everyone as your friend. Treat the planet as your wonderland. Keep it safe, keep yourself safe, wild & true. Keep the universe’s magic flowing. Give love, be kind.

Be dry, be aware, be